5 Most Common Furnace Problems in Linden, NJ

5 Most Common Furnace Problems in Linden, NJ
When your furnace starts acting up, you begin to think whether it needs replacement or simply requires professional repair. This is why hundreds of homeowners in Linden, NJ call Blue Air One for best advice regarding their furnace. If your heating system is having a hard time meeting your comfort demands, it might be experiencing any of the following issues. Check them out!

Blower Problems

Hissing, clicking or any high-pitched sounds from your furnace are evident signs of issues on the belt or blower. The unusual noises produced by your furnace are the results of a worn out belt or damaged blower. The safest way to solve blower-related problems is through professional help. Do not think twice to call our experts to inspect and fix your heating system immediately.

Dirty Burners

Another furnace problem that you can encounter this winter is a filthy burner. You won’t notice it until your burner no longer works. A burner that does not release heat needs a thorough cleaning or some adjustments. With this, you have to set an appointment with a qualified technician to assess your system and provide effective resolutions.

Uneven Airflow

Cold and hot spots in your home are indications of uneven airflow. While some rooms are adequately heated, other parts of the house might be uncomfortable for any occupant. Inconsistent temperature indicates problems on drafts and insulation which require immediate professional solutions. Consult your furnace specialists to locate the root of the issue.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers are among the most critical parts of your furnace that is responsible for distributing warm air throughout the house. When they developed cracks, they may fail to do their function. A cracked heat exchanger can pose risks to your health by releasing carbon monoxide and other combustion gases in the air. If you suspect cracks or hole on this part of the furnace, do not hesitate to ask for an inspection.

Furnace Not Turning On

There are days when your furnace won’t turn on no matter how hard you try. If not well maintained, your furnace is likely to experience this problem. Other factors that affect your system’s performance are age, electrical issues, and thermostat setting. Check if the thermostat is correctly set to “heat” while the fan is set to “auto.” Also, look at the circuit breaker for possible issues. If your furnace is currently experiencing any of these issues, don’t fret!  Blue Air One, Inc., can make things right and have your furnace working on its normal operation. Contact our furnace specialists anytime you need us. We are pleased to service your furnace in the best way we can.