September 10, 2019

5 Sounds Your Furnace Should Never Make

5 Sounds Your Furnace Should Never Make
Bang! Boom! These aren’t backfiring sounds you hear from a gunshot—they are from your furnace. While the gentle hum of your system is definitely normal, some noises like these shouldn’t be there at all. At Blue Air One, we know that a noisy furnace is an indication of a bigger problem, and it might be time for some repairs and maintenance. Check out these five (5) suspicious sounds that your furnace should never make.


Does your furnace create a high-pitch screeching or squealing noise? We know it’s disturbing and irritating, so you should carry out a search operation to get into the cause of the issue immediately. Normally, a screeching sound is an indication that your blower motor seriously needs lubrication, though in some cases, it could mean the fan has stopped working.  Call for help from a professional technician to diagnose the situation and advise you on what to do next.


For babies, rattling doesn’t seem a frightening sound. But when you hear a rattle coming from your furnace, you know it’s a threat to your comfort and health. A rattling noise isn’t simply a problem of a screw or panel. The cause could be a broken heat exchanger due to dirty filters, blower issues, or lack of airflow. Any issue on the heat exchanger can lead to more severe problems like carbon monoxide leak, so it’s wise to take action right away.


You know there’s a belt issue at play when your furnace makes excessive clanking noise every time it kicks on and off. The problem could be a broken or loose belt—and if not tightened, repaired or replaced quickly, it could end up hitting other components of the system.


A clicking sound shouldn’t be a major concern until it starts getting louder. A constant, loud clicking noise is indicative of loose bolts, faulty pilot, gas issues or something amiss with your electrical wirings. If the sound is irregular or has no discernible pattern, the problem might be on the gas valve.

Bangs and Booms

The truth is—a small explosion inside your furnace may occur due to dirt buildup on the burner. Those bangs and booms coming from your system are caused by an interruption or delay in ignition. With this, cleaning the burner is highly recommended. If you hear any of these sounds from your furnace, contact Blue Air One immediately. Our skilled technicians can help assess the problem and identify whether your system needs repair, replacement, or minor adjustments. For more cool posts, check out our Facebook page.  

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