6 Energy Saving HVAC Summer Maintenance Tips

HVAC Summer Maintenance Tips
When it’s summer, you expect your energy costs to rise because of the demand for air conditioning. Luckily, we’ve got some HVAC maintenance tips for you to manage your energy consumption wisely while cutting down a portion on your electric bills.  Check out these tips from Blue Air One, Inc. to ensure an energy-efficient air conditioning system throughout the warm months. 
  • Change Your Filters: It’s a Must!

Because your A/C unit will be running most of the time this summer, it is necessary to get new air filters to help your system work efficiently. Dirt and debris may accumulate fast on the filters thus, increasing the risk of clogging on the system. If filters aren’t replaced immediately, your A/C unit will run slow and fail at worst. With clean and new air filters, you can save as much as 30% on your energy consumption monthly. 
  • Don’t Neglect Your Outdoor Unit

When it comes to energy efficiency, you can’t afford to lose sight of your condenser unit. Every day, it’s exposed to various outdoor elements like rain, sunlight, and dirt that can seriously impact its operation. Make sure to always check the condenser for any blockages. Clear the unit from debris, bushes, or anything that will restrict it from pulling the air required for temperature control.  Having a well-cleaned outdoor unit allows your cooling system to work at optimal performance without using a big amount of energy during operation.  
  • Seal and Repair the Ducts 

Poorly insulated ducts are likely to contribute to high electric bills due to wasted energy. Leaking ducts can add hundreds or even thousands of bucks to your bills. Before this happens, be sure to have those holes and leaks sealed to maximize your comfort at home. Call the professionals to work on the duct issues.
  • Clear the Drainage Hole

Keeping the drainage hole clean and clear of dirt helps maximize the performance of your air conditioning unit. The drainage hole can be too small that you can’t see it with your naked eyes, so cleaning them requires professional help for best results. 
  • Install a Smart Thermostat

Getting a smart thermostat for your HVAC system does more good than you can think. Aside from helping your system manage your indoor temperature conveniently, it also finds the ideal temperature that best suits your living space. With advanced temperature control systems, a smart thermostat can learn your home’s comfort schedule, making it easier to adjust the temperature settings. This allows you to save more on your energy usage.
  • Call For a Tune-up Service

Professional tune-up service is a necessity for your system to keep operating at its highest ability. It boosts your system’s efficiency, performance, and life expectancy. Tune-up also helps you spot existing and potential problems on your system.  This summer, you can enjoy a comfortable without stressing about high energy bills. Call us at Blue Air One, Inc., for expert HVAC inspection and maintenance in Linden, NJ and nearby areas.  
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