7 Must-Know Facts About Humidity Problems

7 Must-Know Facts About Humidity Problems
Either low or high humidity level has negative effects on your health and comfort, which is why you have to keep the right amount of moisture indoors. Here are a few interesting facts you might be thrilled to know about humidity problems.

Fact # 1: Your Home Produces Loads of Moisture

How does your home create moisture? Your daily activities at home like cooking, drying, showering, and washing causes extra moisture indoors. Any house chore that requires the use of water impacts your home’s humidity.

Fact # 2: Mold Loves a Humid Home

Where there’s moisture, there’s mold! Dust mites, bugs, and bacteria love low temperatures, especially areas at home with high humidity levels.

Fact # 3: Moisture Can Kill Your Electronics

Moisture can wreak havoc not only on your health but also on your electronics and other valuable possessions. When moisture finds its way into a small area or space of your electronics, even the best devices can be susceptible to damage. If not given immediate action, they might break down completely—and that’s something you don’t want to happen.

Fact # 4: Good Ventilation is Key to Humidity Control

One way to efficiently control moisture is proper ventilation, especially in certain areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Because moisture issues commonly occur in areas with poor ventilation, you have to make sure that the air constantly and freely circulates throughout the house. Good ventilation is a quick solution to your home’s humidity problems.

Fact # 5: Humidity Level is Always Relative

Relative humidity refers to the maximum volume of water that the air can hold depending on the temperature of the air. When relative humidity is 100%, it means that the air can hold the maximum (100%) volume of water it contains at that particular temperature. Basically, cold air can hold less moisture than warm air.

Fact # 6: The Ideal Relative Humidity Level is Between 40% and 60%

Yes, you read it right! Anywhere outside of this range may cause a little discomfort to everyone in the house. Over 60% could mean you’re exposed to excessively high humidity, which requires a prompt solution.

Fact # 7: Humidity is Manageable

Definitely! You can have full control of your home’s humidity issues. With the right moisture control system at hand and an expert in assistance, you can win your battle against various humidity problems. Managing your indoor humidity isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Be sure to take the necessary steps to control your home’s moisture level before it’s too late. For professional help, call us at Blue Air One for the right solutions. You may also talk to us through our Facebook page.
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