December 19, 2019

8 Steps to Cleaning Up After Christmas

8 Steps to Cleaning Up After Christmas
The holiday season is indeed the most joyous time of the year, but that seasonal joy can quickly go once you’re faced with the aftermath—the pile of things to clean up. Getting your home back into shape can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to start cleaning. Fortunately, we have prepared this after-Christmas cleanup guide to give your home a clean and fresh look after the busy holidays.

Remove the Christmas Tree Ornaments Slowly

Taking your tree down can be more daunting than putting it up. With this, you need to be extra careful when removing each ornament—one at a time. Don’t just toss the tree in your storage room after using it.

Wrap Your Christmas Lightings

Be sure to wrap each strand of Christmas lights properly so that it won’t tangle with others. Twist the cord around cardboard then, slowly wrap it with a paper. No more tangled strands of lights to deal with!

Keep Individual Boxes for the Ornaments

Secure a box for each set of ornaments like the garlands, candles, inflatable snowman, ribbons, and lights. No matter how many tons of Christmas decorations you have, storing them in individual boxes won’t make it look bulky and messy.

Check the Furniture and Carpet for Stains

Inspect your carpet and furniture for dirt and food stains. If you spot any, remove them immediately with a mild dishwashing liquid. Remember that the longer they sit, the harder they are to remove.

Give Your Cooking Equipment a Deep Clean

When it comes to your cooking appliances, you need to do a deep clean to get rid of the spills, grease, and the smell. Be sure to wash and rinse them well until they look and smell as good as new.

Work on the Floor!

By the time your visitors leave the house, your floor might have become a dreadful and unbearable view. Don’t let it stay that way! Use a vacuum with microfiber filters to eliminate as much dust and dirt as possible.

Eliminate Everything You Don’t Need

Surely, you received great new Christmas gifts from friends and loved ones. You have to give your home enough space for your items by discarding whatever you don’t use or need at all. Or, you may donate them instead.

Don’t Forget Your HVAC System!

Your comfort system has worked hard during the holidays. Now, it’s time to pay back by scheduling a comprehensive inspection and cleaning on your HVAC equipment. Call us at Blue Air One, Inc., for professional service. A clean and de-cluttered home is a fresh start to welcome the New Year. Take all these cleaning tasks one by one and you’ll surely get there! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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