Best Ways to Prevent Running Out of Heating Oil

Best Ways to Prevent Running Out of Heating Oil

Winter is the time of the year when running out of heating oil is a big NO! A full oil tank is extremely crucial during this season if you want to keep your home comfort under control. Want to know how you can avoid an empty oil tank? Read on.

Common Causes of Empty Fuel Tank

  • Leaks in the tank
  • Failure to check oil levels for the year
  • Stolen fuel
  • Lack of funds for a new fuel delivery

There could be several reasons behind an empty fuel tank, but definitely, you can prevent it from happening. Secure a full oil tank all year-round by investing in any of the following oil monitoring technologies.

  1. Invest in Smart Meters

Monitoring your tank’s oil levels is part of your duty as a responsible homeowner. With the help of smart oil tank meters, you can easily and constantly monitor how much fuel you have in the tank. Besides checking the fuel level, your overall consumption and heating expenses are also accounted. Smart meters are equipped with sensors that send data to your phone or computer regarding your oil usage and even when you are miles away from home. Although a bit pricey, they are definitely a great investment.

  1. Buy Local Tank Monitors

Do you want to keep your oil tank levels in check but do not have a smartphone or other devices? A local tank monitoring tool is an ideal alternative. Almost similar to smart meters, they come with a transmitter attached to the oil tank and a sensor that sends data to a monitor plugged into your home’s electrical system. When the fuel gets low, the system sends a notification to the monitor. Therefore, you do not have to guess when to call your oil company.

  1. Install Alert Systems

What makes an alert system different from local oil monitors and smart meters? There is no need for any extra data or maintain a particular setting on the system. You only need to install a gauge on the tank that will automatically send an alert to a receiving device once the oil gets low. You will know when you are running out of fuel when the receiver flashes or beeps.

Other Expert Tips to Maintain Your Heating Oil

  • Get a lock for your oil tank.
  • Schedule a regular inspection and maintenance.
  • Always ask for professional assistance.
  • Set aside an amount for oil expenses.
  • Keep track of your current and previous oil consumption.

Your furnace requires a consistent supply of fuel to run efficiently in the entire cold season. But with low oil levels, it is quite impossible to stay comfortable during winter. Follow these tips from Blue Air One Heating & Air Conditioning for best results.