Consumers Energy: All Customers Clear to Raise Thermostats at Midnight

Consumers Energy: All Customers Clear to Raise Thermostats at Midnight
Conserving the natural gas is an emergency public appeal.” Recently, the Consumers Energy has released an announcement requesting everyone (commercial, residential, and industrial owners) to turn down their thermostats to 65 degrees at midnight to conserve natural gas resources. Why Do People Need to Turn Down Their Thermostats? Consumers Energy President/CEO Patti Poppe said that the plea worked to meet their goal in reducing the high demand for gas and preventing possible shutoffs. They were glad that no residential gas customer lost service at that time. They also added that with the participation of everyone, we could maintain the supply and demand of natural gas especially at the time we needed it the most. The fact that the gas demand is strong, people need to reduce heat consumption. Residential owners can help reduce demand by 10%. The voluntary gas reduction across the entire state of Michigan resulted in the following actions from different commercial and industrial companies:
  • Automakers initiated a temporary suspension or reducing of work at their manufacturing sites. These companies include GM, Ford (which lowered the temperature at their local transmission plants and suspended heat treatment procedures), and more.
  • Fiat Chryslers stopped first shifts production in Sterling Heights and Warren plants.
Government employees who were affected by the natural gas issue including Pontiac Engineering Center and Global Technical Center in Warren were asked to continue their work at home. Full normal operations resumed after the emergency petition. Facts About Natural Gas Value Chain The natural gas industry is composed of a sophisticated but complex network of supply, demand, storage, and transit. Aside from natural gas, there are other key inputs for primary energy systems including your HVAC equipment. But, natural gas remains a valuable feedstock for commercial and industrial industries because of its efficiency and environmental benefits. As the industry continues to make efforts in innovating new possibilities in accessing, delivering and utilizing the product, many are expecting that its supply will continue to meet the demand in the international market.  Want to keep updated of the latest innovations, news, and trends in the HVAC industry? Keep in touch with us at Blue Air One Heating & Air Conditioning to get the latest happenings in the field. Feel free to visit our blog page for more interesting news and information.  Or, call us today!  
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