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Heater Installation Woodbridge Township by Blue Air One

During the winter season, we rely on our heating system to keep us warm and cozy. When the time comes that you need to upgrade your heating system, Blue Air One is here to help. We offer heating installation services that will meet all your demands.


In this post, we’ll be talking about the furnaces and heat pumps and which heating system will best suit your space. Keep reading.


Should You Get a Furnace or a Heat Pump?

If you plan to upgrade your heating system, it’s a wise decision to identify whether you should have a heat pump or a furnace. To help you out decide, Blue Air One provided expert opinions on these two heating systems. Read on.



When it comes to heating capacity, there’s no doubt that furnaces can provide much more heating than a heat pump. For years, furnaces have been the go-to source of heat for many property owners in the country.


Also, they tend to have a longer service life than any other heating system—they can even last longer with proper maintenance. 


Why Choose Furnaces?

As we’ve said, furnaces can provide stronger heating power than heat pumps that struggle to deliver effective heating in subzero climates. With that, furnaces make the perfect choice for those who experience extremely cold weather.


So, if you already own a furnace and your area suffers from frigid weather, it’s wise just to upgrade them with a newer and more efficient model. Also, gas furnaces are still the most efficient option for heating systems.


Heat pumps

On the other hand, if you are one of those who prefer to hit two birds in one stone, you may turn to heat pumps instead of furnaces. Heat pumps can operate both as heating and cooling device via switched operation. Heat pumps are also electrically powered and run like a split air conditioner that utilizes a set of ducts to distribute air.


Why Choose Heat Pumps?

It’s also important to note that you’ll need to consider your fuel source. If your home or office doesn’t utilize natural gas and has a furnace that runs on electricity, it would be best to shift to heat pumps. Although heat pumps run on electricity, they are more efficient than electrically operated furnaces.

Also, if your area doesn’t suffer much from cold weather, opting for heat pumps is a wise choice. And lastly, as heat pumps can provide cooling and heating, installing one will let you save more money in the long run.


Let Us Inspect Your Place! We Provide Trustworthy Heater Installation in Woodbridge Township, NJ

As a property owner, it’s a wise move to consider all possible options that will best fit your needs. Along with this is the consideration you have to take that can affect your overall comfort, budget, and preferences.


That said, Blue Air One is here to assist you from start to finish. With our years of experience in heater installation in Woodbridge Township, NJ, we guarantee that your new system will meet your needs and budget.

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