November 20, 2019

Holiday Fire Safety Tips From Blue Air One

Holiday Fire Safety Tips From Blue Air One
From Christmas lights, seasonal candles, to dangling outdoor lighting, your holiday decorations can become risky and life-threatening if not properly taken care of. To ensure your festivities will be happy, warm, and safe, here’s a holiday fire safety checklist from the experts.

Christmas Trees and Lights

  • Get a Live Christmas Tree!
The holiday celebration would not be complete without a Christmas tree at home. It’s better to use a live pine tree than the artificial ones to reduce the risk of fire. Make sure to water it daily and don’t let it dry.
  • Inspect Lights Before Plugging In
Look for damages, cracks, or disconnected wires before turning the lights on. Discard frayed or kinked lights to prevent fire-related accidents.
  • Don’t Overload Your Circuit!
We know you want your home to be as sparkly and festive as possible, but avoid plugging in your Christmas lights into one circuit. Spread them on multiple channels to prevent overloading or short circuit.

Candle Lighting

  • Don’t Leave Candles Unattended
Never leave a single candle burning without someone on watch. Blow it out first if you’re going out for a minute or an hour.
  • Go for Modern-Type Candles
Why not try a battery-operated, flameless candle? With this, you won’t have to worry about leaving the house for long periods.

Space Heaters, Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Electrical Cords

  • Use Space Heaters With Caution
Don’t ever use your space heater with an extension cord! Also, never place it near your Christmas tree or any heat-generating appliances and devices.
  • Tune-up Your Smoke Detectors
A tune-up means to keep your smoke detectors in the best condition. Replace the batteries and make sure they are working efficiently.
  • Invest in Quality Extension Cords
Don’t use any flimsy electrical cords that are available out there. Choose the one that’s grounded for fire safety. Run the cords in non-slip or non-tripping areas to double the safety.

Fireplace Safety

  • Don’t burn papers or any light materials in the fireplace because they burn intensely.
  • Make sure all fire embers are extinguished before going to bed.
  • Have your chimney inspected and cleaned before the holiday season.
  • Make sure the damper is fully free and open before lighting the fireplace.
Keep your Linden, NJ home fire-safe this holiday season with these tips from Blue Air One. Get in touch with us with all your HVAC and comfort needs in your home or commercial space today!                                                             

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