Is It Time For A Home Energy Audit? Check Out These Signs!

Is It Time For A Home Energy Audit? Check Out These Signs!

The sad truth is, over time, your home gets less tightly sealed as it was before. The doors and windows will develop drafts and your HVAC system won’t be as efficient as the first time you used it.

Your aging HVAC system and insulation are threats to your home’s energy efficiency, thus you need an energy audit to know what your home is lacking. If you’re unsure if your Linden, NJ home needs an energy efficiency analysis, here are signs to watch out for.

  • Uneven Temperature

You’ll know when it’s time for an energy audit at home if you noticed an imbalance in the indoor temperature. Uneven temperature is a sign of HVAC and ductwork issues that require professional management. The only way to be sure of its cause is an expert energy efficiency audit.

  • Old HVAC Equipment

As your heating or cooling system ages, it loses its efficiency. If yours has reached its lifespan or even crossed the expiration line, you need to sign up for an energy efficiency assessment to know how your aged system affects your overall comfort. Your HVAC equipment might be struggling to keep up with your home’s comfort demands. An energy audit allows you to make a sound decision between repair or system replacement.

  • Sudden Increase in Energy Bills

If your current electric bills are unexpectedly higher than the previous months, it’s possible that your home is losing or wasting energy somewhere. In this case, an audit will help you identify which areas need more insulation and other applicable energy efficiency solutions.

  • Dryness or Moisture

When you noticed major changes or inconsistencies in your home’s humidity level, it’s a hint that something in your HVAC system is off and out of balance. If your indoor air is a bit dry or steamy, it means that your comfort system is having trouble managing the moisture level. While excess moisture leads to mold growth, dry air triggers allergies and respiratory illnesses. This is why you need to have your home and HVAC system assessed.

Benefits of a Professional Home Energy Audit

Other than getting extra savings, an energy audit offers the following advantages.

  • Improved comfort and health
  • Increased home value
  • Better understanding of your energy usage
  • Low operating costs

If you see any of these signs, grab your phone and contact us at Blue Air One, Inc., to gain the exciting benefits of an energy audit. We offer a comprehensive energy assessment in residential and commercial spaces in Linden, NJ.



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