Carbon Monoxide Testing

Carbon monoxide is one of the leading causes of death not only in the United States but all over the world. Medical agencies recently started recognizing the danger brought by carbon monoxide exposure. While various problems arise, you can protect your indoor environment and keep yourself safe with expert carbon monoxide testing from Blue Air One Heating &Air Conditioning.

Understand The Risk Of CO Poisoning

As part of the random study, experts conducted a blood testing procedure for the patients with flu-like symptoms in Kentucky emergency rooms. The test showed that 23.6% of the patients suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. According to the World Health Organization, levels more than 9 ppm could cause a low-level carbon monoxide poisoning, which often comes with symptoms. For business establishments, OSHA regulations prohibited employees from working in levels more than 35 ppm longer than eight hours. If you are not sure about the current condition of your space, make sure to call our professionals today. You should know that continuous exposure to this poisonous gas can lead to permanent damage to your health.

Keep Your Home Safe With Our CO Testing Solutions

As certified carbon monoxide analysts, we have included carbon monoxide testing (CO) as part of our services. We have the equipment and knowledge to protect you and your family from appliance-related carbon monoxide poisoning, and we do this by making sure that all your appliances are running within proper parameters. Your safety is our top priority! If you own any gas appliances at homes such as gas stoves, gas logs, or water heaters, we can conduct an expert inspection and testing so you can avoid potential problems in the future. We provide CO testing across Linden, Clark, Westfield, Scotch Plains, and Fanwood, NJ. Set up your appointment with us today.