November 8, 2019

The Right Room Temperature for Your Christmas Tree

The Right Room Temperature for Your Christmas Tree
We know that Christmas trees don’t last forever, but we should at least find a way to preserve it throughout the holiday season. Like other houseplants, they need a little attention and care to look at their best. Here are expert Christmas tree care tips from Blue Air One to get the right room temperature for that precious pine.

Don’t Let It Dry Out!

Just think of your Christmas tree as the most beautiful tree ever, extremely deprived of water. For sure, it will get thirsty and dry water daily. As soon as it’s cut, the tree loses a significant amount of moisture. The truth is—a real Christmas tree can last a month or more, given consistent care and watering. With a constant supply of cold water for the first 24 hours, you can preserve its freshness and extend its short life. Watering it with cold water also keeps it fragrant—like it’s always freshly cut.

Keep it Away From Heat

Heat is the #1 enemy of your tree! So, you have to keep it distant from all sources of heat including sunlight, portable heaters, and fireplaces. High indoor temperatures cause it to wither and dry faster than expected. Keeping your heat at a cooler temperature in your home, your tree will be less likely to wilt. Make sure to monitor your tree and check signs of dryness like drooping or dropping needles.

Choose a Cool Spot

As you’re trying to keep it away from the heat, the solution is to place it somewhere cool and slightly dark. If there’s no ideal spot in your home, you can lower the temperature a few degrees as an alternative. The goal is to slow down the drying process and keep it garden-fresh at least until Christmas.

Check Relative Humidity

Your home’s ideal wintertime humidity is around 40 percent—and it’s also the perfect moisture level that your Christmas tree requires. If the indoor air is too dry, you can use a humidifier to add moisture in the air. With extra effort, your Christmas tree will stay alive and fresh until the end of the holiday season. Follow these tips, and you’ll never go wrong! From all of us at Blue Air One, Inc., we wish you a merry and blessed Christmas in Linden, NJ.  

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