Top 5 Heating Maintenance Checklist


Routine heating maintenance is the best way to ensure your system is running efficiently throughout the winter. But, where should you start? Check out this guide!

Switch the Filter

A dirty HVAC filter negatively impacts the overall performance of your heating system. Having a grimy filter may lead to poor indoor air quality in your home as dirt, dust, allergens, and other contaminants are circulated back to your home.

To secure clean and breathable indoor air, replacing your furnace filters is necessary. Do it at least one a month or as often as possible.

Check the Vents

Obstructed vents don’t just cause discomfort, but it also causes your heating equipment to work harder and longer than needed. With this, you’ll have to remove any boxes, furniture, curtains, or decorations that are blocking the vents.

As you know, indoor air can’t move in and out of your space freely if there are obstructions. Make sure to get rid of any blockages that can affect its overall performance.      

Evaluate the Thermostat

Is your thermostat working? Is it set based on the demands of your space and heating system. For your furnace to work at it best, checking the thermostat should be part of your maintenance tasks. With a well-functioning thermostat, your heater is at the position to deliver the right temperature that you need. 

If you’re familiar with how your thermostat works, then you may contact your trusted technician in Linden, NJ to help you check the settings and correct any issues.

Oil the Blower

Since your heating system has lots of moving parts, it is essential to ensure that they are lubricated at all times. The older your heating system is, the more it needs lubrication.

Call an HVAC Pro

Calling an expert and proficient HVAC technician is the best thing to guarantee that your heating system is handled by the best in the industry.  These professionals are trained well to provide the best HVAC care and maintenance.  

Any equipment like an HVAC is prone to breakage and malfunction issues, especially if there’s not enough maintenance and tune-up done. If you want your HVAC system to perform best, you have to make sure that they are on their top shape.

Want your HVAC to be evaluated by the experts? Blue Air One is your dependable local HVAC provider in Linden, NJ & surrounding areas. Call us at (908) 275-3953 now!

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