What is The Most Energy-Efficient Way to Heat Your Home?

What is The Most Energy-Efficient Way to Heat Your Home?
As the temperature continues to drop, you need a high-performance and energy efficient heating system that can keep up with the challenge. Fortunately, there are several ways to stay warm and comfortable this winter at your budget. Below is a list of the most energy efficient heating systems you can use throughout the cold season. Furnaces Furnaces are the most commonly used heating system in the majority of homes in the U.S. They heat the air and deliver it in your house through the ducts. Furnaces are ideal for homes situated in regions affected by moderate to extreme winter. They are powered by electricity, propane, heating oil or natural gas. For comparison, natural gas is known to be three times more energy efficient than heating oil and other energy sources. Make sure to buy newer models of furnaces to get greater energy savings. Heat Pumps All heating systems are designed to heat your space, but others function differently to achieve that purpose like heat pumps. They pull out the heat energy from outdoor air and use it to warm your home. Take note that a heat pump does not produce heat; rather, it transfers warm air from one place to another. This makes heat pumps energy efficient and a stable source of heat.  Installing heat pumps in your residential place offers multiple benefits not just in winter but in summer as well. They also act like air conditioners by eliminating warm air inside the house. Space Heaters Based on research and studies, space heaters consume the largest amount of energy in the U.S. Hence, if you are looking for the most energy efficient heating system, you can cross them off your list. However, for homeowners who want to heat a single room, space heaters are a good option. A space heater can be energy efficient and less costly when heating an individual room. Opt for space heaters that come with a thermostat to have better control of temperature and energy usage. Other Smart Ways to Save on Energy This Winter Having the most efficient heating system is not the best way to save on energy consumption. You could have more by getting the right thermostat setting. These cold months, set your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit during daytime and lower it by few degrees before bedtime or leaving the house. Energy Efficiency Tricks and Tips: Get Them From Us! Stay warm this winter without wasting any amount of energy. If you need energy-efficient furnaces and heat pumps, we have one for you! Contact us at Blue Air One Heating & Air Conditioning for high-performance HVAC systems and more energy-saving tips.
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