October 16, 2019

Why Won’t My Furnace Stay On?

Why Wont My Furnace Stay On
Every homeowner in Linden, NJ knows how bad the cold season can be without a functional heating system. So when you find out your furnace won’t stay on, you start to worry about those freezing winter nights. When trying to pinpoint the main culprit of a malfunctioning furnace, here are five (5) things you should start checking.

Bad Thermocouple

The thermocouple is a heat sensor that determines whether the pilot light is lit or not. This safety device automatically closes the gas valve once the pilot light goes out to prevent the gas from entering your home. However, a bad thermocouple won’t be able to sense the heat from the pilot light; thus, causing the gas valve to close randomly. If ever your furnace isn’t turning on or staying on, you might need to check the thermocouple to confirm.

Restricted Airflow

Your furnace will overheat if the airflow is obstructed. When this happens, the burner will turn off automatically once the heat exchanger reaches a definite temperature. When there’s not enough air circulating in the system, your furnace won’t effectively heat your home. To ensure proper airflow, we recommend checking your filters monthly and replacing them if necessary.

Lack of Combustible Air

Furnaces require a certain amount of combustible air for the flames to breathe freely. Like other gas appliances, your furnace also needs enough space to function as it is designed. 

Defective Blower Motor

A properly functioning furnace emits hot air—and you should feel that once you place your hand over the supply register. If it’s not releasing any amount of hot air, then it might have stopped working or has lost power for a certain reason. The problem is probably in the fan or the blower motor belt. In this case, you’ll need the aid of a furnace technician to fix the issue.

Bad Pressure Switch

From time to time, the tube in the pressure switch can become clogged by dirt, debris, or spiders’ nest—causing the switch to work improperly. Any issue on the switch can lead to a major problem in the furnace. 

Get Your Furnace Fixed Today!

While some furnace issues are easy to fix, other problems are best to leave in the hands of the experts. At Blue Air One Inc., we have heating specialists who know exactly how every heating system works. So when yours isn’t working or won’t stay on, we’re the one to call. Contact us to schedule an appointment! We guarantee your furnace stays lit as long as you need it. Learn more about our HVAC services here.

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