Year: 2019

The holiday season is indeed the most joyous time of the year, but that seasonal joy can quickly go once you’re faced with the aftermath—the pile of things to clean up. Getting your home back into shape can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to start cleaning. Fortunately, we have prepared this

From Christmas lights, seasonal candles, to dangling outdoor lighting, your holiday decorations can become risky and life-threatening if not properly taken care of. To ensure your festivities will be happy, warm, and safe, here’s a holiday fire safety checklist from the experts. Christmas Trees and Lights Get a Live Christmas Tree! The holiday celebration would

Is your home ready for the cold breeze of winter? As the temperature begins to drop, it’s important that your Linden, NJ home is in optimum shape—from the roof to the furnace, to the walls, and all other areas. Here’s how you can ensure a comfortable winter while keeping your heating costs low. Work on

Every homeowner in Linden, NJ knows how bad the cold season can be without a functional heating system. So when you find out your furnace won’t stay on, you start to worry about those freezing winter nights. When trying to pinpoint the main culprit of a malfunctioning furnace, here are five (5) things you should

Bang! Boom! These aren’t backfiring sounds you hear from a gunshot—they are from your furnace. While the gentle hum of your system is definitely normal, some noises like these shouldn’t be there at all. At Blue Air One, we know that a noisy furnace is an indication of a bigger problem, and it might be

Either low or high humidity level has negative effects on your health and comfort, which is why you have to keep the right amount of moisture indoors. Here are a few interesting facts you might be thrilled to know about humidity problems. Fact # 1: Your Home Produces Loads of Moisture How does your home

Your HVAC system operates at optimum performance only when its components are properly maintained. Improper or lack of maintenance can cause your system to work poorly. Curious why your HVAC system breaks down when you least expect it? Check out these five common causes of HVAC breakdown and ways to prevent them. Clogged Filters A

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