Do you see ice on your refrigerant lines?  It’s a sign that your A/C is chilling and is in bad condition. If you have no idea why your air conditioner is chilling, here’s an eye-opener. Is The Ice Dangerous? Definitely! The ice that accumulates in the refrigerant lines can destroy your air conditioner more than

“Conserving the natural gas is an emergency public appeal.” Recently, the Consumers Energy has released an announcement requesting everyone (commercial, residential, and industrial owners) to turn down their thermostats to 65 degrees at midnight to conserve natural gas resources. Why Do People Need to Turn Down Their Thermostats? Consumers Energy President/CEO Patti Poppe said that

When your furnace starts acting up, you begin to think whether it needs replacement or simply requires professional repair. This is why hundreds of homeowners in Linden, NJ call Blue Air One for best advice regarding their furnace. If your heating system is having a hard time meeting your comfort demands, it might be experiencing