High Quality Cooling Products in Linden, NJ

Do not sacrifice comfort during the hot summer. At Blue Air One Heating & Air Conditioning, we know how much you love the summer weather. Whether you’re at home, office or anywhere in Linden, New Jersey, we’ve got plenty of ways to keep you cool the entire sizzling hot season.


We offer an extensive number of the most advanced models of air conditioning products with unique configuration flexibility. When you choose Blue Air One Heating & Air Conditioning for your cooling needs, your options are certainly suitable on your survey list.

Check out our cooling products below:


Ready to experience better comfort during the hot days? Choose from our wide selection of central air conditioning units and find the right one that meets your needs and budget. We’ll walk you through all the options and help you come up with the right decision. Contact us today if you need the most-efficient, latest and quietest air conditioners.

YORK air conditioner


Our duct-free systems are the answer you need if you want to make your individual rooms more comfortable. Just keep in mind, the higher the HSPF and SEER ratings, the more efficient the unit will be. We offer a wide range of ductless mini-split systems to meet your exact individual room’s needs.

YORK air conditioner


We have a comprehensive range of condensing units designed to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Our air-cooled condensers and condensing units provide comfort to your indoor space without interruption. If you need a solution that is flexible to your application needs, check out our condensing products today.

Cooling System in Linden NJ


Increase the performance and efficiency of your HVAC unit with our air hander products. When it comes to choosing the right air handling unit, you don’t have to choose between reinventing the wheel and one-size fits all. We offer two approaches that suit your exact requirements.

YORK Air Handler


Eliminate the temperature differences throughout your home with a zone control system. Designed to deliver conditioned air to the rooms that need it. Although zoning cannot always be added to every system, some single zone homes can be converted to multiple zones without adding additional equipment.

Zoning system
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