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AC Maintenance Woodbridge Township by Blue Air One

It’s always a good initiative to keep up with your regular A/C maintenance. Not only does it offer a lot of benefits for your system, but it also keeps your family cool and comfortable when the temperatures rise too high. You’ll also enjoy an efficient system with no worrying and any other hassle.


So let Blue Air One’s licensed and skilled A/C specialists handle your air conditioning system maintenance in Woodbridge Township, NJ today.


What Can You Do to Make Your A/C More Efficient?

During the hot summer months, an HVAC unit that is low on refrigerant is ineffective in cooling. Similarly, if your air conditioner is too old, neglected, or damaged, you’ll notice the difference right away. Here are simple ways to make your system more efficient.


Don’t neglect your outdoor unit.

Because the exterior condenser unit is open to the weather, soil and debris can build up around it. Remove any debris you find around the unit with care. If it’s as clean as possible, it’ll function better. However, don’t try to deep-clean the unit. That is a job for an expert.


Keep the vents clean.

Cleaning your air vents is beneficial not just to your air conditioner but it can also help to minimize allergies in your home. Clean your air vents using your vacuum.


Deep-cleaning your vents or fixing damaged, undersized, or large ducts, like a central air recharge, aren’t DIY projects. If air vents isn’t giving off cool air when the HVAC system is turned on, call your technician.


Remove anything that is blocking the vents. 

Most homeowners lay furniture or stack boxes on top of furniture where vents are present. Consider relocating your furniture and removing stuff such as boxes, toys, and other items that could obstruct an air vent. By doing it, you’ll allow good circulation of airflow in your home, thus, helping your system do its job.


Get a programmable thermostat.

If you don’t have one, have your technician install a programmable thermostat that will change the temperature based on the time of day. Because nights are normally cooler, a higher setting will help your air conditioner function more efficiently and save you money on energy. In the summer, you may raise it by up to eight degrees.


Make use of window coverings. 

Window treatments like curtains and blinds can speed up the process of your HVAC unit reaching the correct temperature. They can also help you save electricity. To help limit heat transfer, keep your window curtains closed.


If you don’t notice a difference, a central air conditioner running out of refrigerant probably is to blame. Make an appointment with a technician to perform a thorough inspection.


Give Us a Call for Cost-Effective A/C Maintenance Plans in Woodbridge Township, NJ

You don’t have to go through all the trouble with low-quality maintenance services from non-licensed technicians. If you want the best for your system, it’s better to opt for a leading company with the best specialists like Blue Air One.


Our experts are always ready to provide the air conditioning services you deserve. With our maintenance services, you’ll stay cool and comfortable with a hassle-free system all summer.


Call us at (908) 275-3953 for complete A/C maintenance services in Woodbridge Township, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

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