Stop Your A/C Quickly If You See This Chilling Sign

Stop Your A/C Quickly If You See This Chilling Sign
Do you see ice on your refrigerant lines?  It’s a sign that your A/C is chilling and is in bad condition. If you have no idea why your air conditioner is chilling, here’s an eye-opener.

Is The Ice Dangerous?

Definitely! The ice that accumulates in the refrigerant lines can destroy your air conditioner more than you can imagine. If not given an immediate solution, it could lead to serious costs and damage.

Why Do You See Ice on The Air Conditioner?

It’s normal to see ice on the fridge, but on your air conditioning unit? It’s completely odd to think that it can grow on your cooling system during spring and summer. But, seeing ice on your air conditioner may happen especially when the refrigerant gets too cold. The moisture and heat that pass through the evaporator coils start to freeze if the refrigerant reaches its maximum cooling capacity. Through time, the ice will extend over the refrigerant lines on your outdoor unit. Make sure the ice won’t reach the compressor to prevent system failure. There are two possible reasons why the refrigerant gets too cold. First, the airflow in the evaporator coil is too low. Second, the refrigerant has leaked. If these problems aren’t fixed quickly, the effects could be worse.

Expert Tips to Prevent Your A/C From Freezing

To help prevent your air conditioning unit from icing up, here are things to do!
  • Change Your Filters Regularly
Air filters can get clogged of dirt and debris thus, reducing the airflow over the evaporator coils. Be sure to maintain clean filters so as not to suffocate your cooling system.
  • Clear Your Return Vents
Remove anything that can block the return air vents from sucking in the air. Any hindrances like furniture can cut off the flow of air to the evaporator coils.
  • Keep the Supply Vents Open
One of the common mistakes that homeowners do that causes the air conditioner to freeze is closing the supply vents. When you close the supply vents, the pressure inside the system increases. Therefore, the blower motor will deliver less air to the system.
  • Schedule Routine Maintenance
Regular A/C maintenance ensures your cooling system stays in great condition through the years. Plus, it prevents problems related to ice formation. Be sure to get your air conditioner maintained especially this spring. Get in touch with us at Blue Air One for your cooling needs this spring and summer. We’ll keep you cool indoors whether at home or office. Contact us today!    
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