December 4, 2019

Easy Tips and Tricks for Heating Old Homes in Linden, NJ

Easy Tips and Tricks for Heating Old Homes in Linden NJ
Does your home always feel cold even when the heater is on? Is it drafty and uncomfortable? No doubt! Your home is old enough for the cold season. Heating old houses can be expensive especially this winter. Thankfully, Blue Air One has compiled easy tricks for heating old residential spaces in New Jersey. Read on to know!

Tune-Up Your Furnace

Your furnace deserves unwavering attention and care. One effective way to survive the cold in your home is by keeping your furnace in the best state. Have it cleaned, serviced and maintained by your trusted HVAC contractor to help you fight the extreme effects of winter. Check all parts including the filters, blower motor, heat exchanger and duct system. Keep them free from dirt and debris at all times.  Every part of your furnace is essential to its operation and performance. Thus, keeping them well-functioning is a must. When you need to make changes in the unit, always consult your user’s manual and your service provider for guidance.

Whole-House Heating: Expert’s Heating Solution

Heating older houses are harder than warming modern homes. But investing in whole-house heating can make the job easier and more convenient. While it optimizes your comfort, it also makes energy cost much affordable. Here’s how you can make the most of this technique in your Linden, NJ home.
  • Invest in a smart or programmable thermostat – it greatly helps! With this device, you can have full control of the temperature inside your living space while cutting down a fraction of your overall utility cost.
  • If nobody is at home, always turn off the heater. It is completely nonsense to heat an empty home.
  • Seal cracks and insulate your doors and windows properly. Make sure to leave no room for gaps and cracks on the wall, floors, attic, and roof. Always keep an eye on drafts.

Need a Professional Heating Service? Talk to Us Today!

A professional maintenance program should be part of your efforts to keep your heating system at the best efficiency this winter. You do not have to suffer in the cold! Our experts at Blue Air One are here to lend a hand. We provide quality and expert heating repair and maintenance services for residential owners in Linden, NJ. If it’s 100% comfort that you need, do not think twice to contact our customer service representatives.

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